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Avoid Bill Shock This Summer & Install A Smart Solar Power System

A Solar System from Solaray can be sized up to maximise the savings on your power bills, even if you are spending more time at home.

We now have many customers who have completely eliminated their power bills, and we'd love to show you how they do it!

  • Top of the range LG NeON 2 360W
  • Free upgrade to the new Enphase IQ7A Micro-Inverters
  • Online Monitoring free for the life of the system - both production and consumption monitoring included with a smart solar system from Enphase
  • Clenergy Ezy Rack Mounting System - 10-year product warranty
  • Your solar system includes configuration, Remote Monitoring and Tech Support from Solaray's Online Support Team
  • Solaray’s famous hassle-free installation service – it’s why we have one of the highest customer feedback scores in the industry 
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The 7 Reasons To Choose LG Solar

1. LG Solar offers strength, stability, and reliability

As a global electronics pioneer, LG has over 60 years of experiences in product development and innovation.

Now, with over 30 years of research and development in the solar industry, LG Solar is one of the only manufacturers that has the experience and stability to be able to offer a 25-year product warranty on their panels.

LG Solar is a safe harbour in a stormy solar sea:

2. Financial Return Over Time

Of course, solar is great for the environment, however, the majority of customers purchase solar to reduce their power bills. Many people buy cheap solar systems thinking this is the best way to guarantee a good return on their money. This has been proven to be incorrect.

The best way to get the most out of your solar system is to maximise performance, reliability and longevity. LG Solar panels are warranted an incredible 15 years longer than nearly every other panel on the market and have been shown in independent testing to output significantly more power compared to other solar panels.

This difference in quality can end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the system:

3. More electricity Means More Money In Your Pocket

Australia is getting hotter. Solar panels slowly lose their ability to generate power as they get hotter, which means for cheaper panels a significant performance loss from a 25°C summer day to one where temperatures hit 40°C.

LG NeON 2 and NeON R have one of the best temperature performance characteristics, which means even in very high temperatures, our panels will deliver higher output than many competing panels.

So if you run an air conditioner on a very hot day, your LG panels will still perform well to help support your energy usage.

Not all solar panels are the same. In fact, Choice Magazine showed us in testing that many panels don’t output as much as they claim. And in the test there was 1 clear winner – LG Solar. Of course, Choice Magazine now have LG Solar panels on the roof.

4. 25-Year Warranty Backed By The Largest Consumer Brand In Solar

LG Solar offers one of the most valuable solar panel warranties in solar. On offer is a 25-year parts and labour warranty, which includes the cost of shipping panels for the NeON 2 and NeON® R, as well as the labour cost of un-installing and re-installing the panel, which Solaray services as your installer.

This compares very favourably to the 10, 12, 15 or even 25-year manufacturer’s warranty offered by manufacturers who do not have the financial strength of a company like LG. There is no value in a long warranty if the company backing it will not be around to honour it, and this is a very real risk – check out how many installers are no longer around:

This is only set to continue due to the nature of Chinese manufacturing and larger economic factors, but it’s bad enough already with an estimated 1 in 3 solar systems in Australia now unsupported.

5. LG Solar Panels Are Built To Last

Not all solar panels are built to the same standards, and many manufactures simply don’t come close to the LG build quality.

In Australia, we regularly see cheaper solar panels failing in as little as 3-5 years, right when you would expect to be seeing a return on your money. Reasons for failures and low performance include hot spots, corrosion, water ingress, failed bypass diodes, poor sealants, delamination and micro cracks.

Cyclone wind load resistance

LG Solar panels have a strong double-walled frame. When it comes to wind forces (rear load) many solar panels are certified to 2400 Pascals. LG panels are certified to 4000 Pascal, which can handle the wind load of a 290 km per hour wind.

Independent windload tests were conducted in Darwin in 2018 and 2019 where LG panels resisted successfully windloads as high 350 km per hour. This testing demonstrates LG panels are one of the strongest on the market.

6. When You Go Solar, Be Green

Energy payback is the time takes for a solar panel to generate the power it took to manufacture, ship and install the solar system. In January 2020, LG calculated the embodied energy in an LG NeON® R, 375W solar panel as being 297.65kg of CO2 from resourcing of raw materials, to manufacture including transporting and installing the panel on the roof.

In Australia, the average energy payback of a 375W NeON® R, for example, is approx. 1 year 1 month as opposed to a standard 330W panel which is 1 year
4 months. Because LG panels are also built to last longer, this means each LG panel can create more clean energy during its working life, than panels designed for a shorter life span. Therefore LG panels generate higher environmental benefits in regards to CO2 abatement compared to less efficient,
shorter lifespan and faster degradation panels which use a similar amount of raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Cheaper solar panels are also causing a real problem in Australia at the moment because they are breaking so quickly. These faulty panels are often ending up in landfill, which really defeats the purpose of going green with solar.

7. Great Looking Panels Can Enhance House Values

LG NeON panels have been designed with appearance in mind. Their black cells and black frames give an aesthetically pleasing uniform appearance. For very aesthetic conscious customers LG also offers a stunning looking black version of their NeON 2 range.

By using these aesthetically pleasing solar panel products, your roof will look great, which we see as the cherry on top of what is an outstanding solar panel. This may help increase the resale value of your home.

Eliminate Your Power Bill

Smart Solar Sale: System Details

  • LG NeON 2 360W Panels (ask about our special bonus from LG Solar)
  • Enphase IQ7+ Micro Inverters (5kWAC) - 10-year product warranty
  • Online Monitoring free for the life of the system - both production and consumption monitoring
  • Clenergy Ezy Rack Mounting System - 10-year product warranty
  • Your solar system includes configuration, Remote Monitoring and Tech Support from Solaray's Online Support Team
  • Solaray’s famous hassle-free installation service – it’s why we have one of the highest customer feedback scores in the industry 

As the largest installer of LG Solar Panels and Enphase Microinverters in Australia, Solaray customers love our hassle-free & professional installation with full service and technical support.

Smart Solar From Solaray Energy

An Enphase microinverter system can further reduce your power bills thanks to the world’s most advanced microinverter technology.  

An IQ7 microinverter sits underneath each panel, allowing for panel level output that can significantly increase the output of your system. Enphase micro inverter systems are smarter, safer, flexible, more reliable and durable.  

Solaray is the largest & most experienced installer of Enphase Micro Inverters in Australia.

Our competitive pricing is supported by the most experienced Enphase Technical Team in the industry to ensure you get the right advice, system design and technical support.

Don't Let The Little Things Get You Down

Enphase Microinverters  

Whether it’s a leaf, dirt, or a cloudy day, your system’s output is under attack every day.  

With micro Inverters, each panel in a solar system works independently from the other panels, ensuring maximum output of clean renewable energy for your household or business.  

This means more output from your system and more money in your pocket. It also means less downtime over the life of the system if something goes wrong with a panel.

String Inverters A standard solar system is connected in series, which means it can only perform to the level of the worst panel in the string. This means any little obstacle can have a big impact on your system. It also means that over time as the panels age, the system will age at the speed of the worst panel. Microinverters not only increase your production in the short term, they save you more money every year over the life of your system.

A Connected System Is A Smarter System

With MyEnlighten, you can see how your Enphase System is performing across the day. It’s the brains of an Enphase Home Energy Solution that really provides you value. By being able to easily track how much power your system is delivering, you can compare this to how much power you are using in the home. With a clear understanding of what is happening in your home, you can manage your power consumption and seriously reduce your power bills.

The Clear Choice When It Comes To Safety

Low Voltage AC never exceeds 60 volts  

Because the DC-AC conversion happens on the panel lever, there’s never any high-voltage power traveling through your system. You can rest easy knowing your solar system didn’t come with any lurking dangers.

600-1000 volts DC in the roof! In a string inverter system or a system with DC optimisers, there’s a lot of high-voltage DC running from the panels to the meter board. This is a potential hazard due to the electrocution and fire risks.

Choose Australia's #1 Solar Panel

Eliminate Your Power Bills With Solar

Solar power is getting really interesting in 2020, with the average system size now up around 8kW-10kW. Here's why:

  • The price of solar panels is at a record-low (this also means most people are now choosing good quality panels, thankfully).
  • Most people will have an electric or hybrid car within the life of the solar system
  • Energy prices are some of the most expensive in the world, and yet they continue to increase. You will typically save over 30 cents per kWh of solar used in the home.
  • Battery storage has arrived
  • And… there are some really good feed-in tariffs available from the energy retailers at the moment, up to around 21 cents per kWh!

With the numbers working so well now on good quality systems, many people are choosing to install a larger solar to completely eliminate their power bill. Ask us how to do this when you request a callback from the Solaray Team, which you can do here:

Save Thousands With Top Quality Solar Power

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