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  • An Oversized Solar Array For Maximum Output
  • Fast-Tracked Installation To Have You Saving Money Sooner
  • Whole-Of-System Warranty From Sydney's Leading Solar Installer
  • Top of the range LG Solar panels, or new Trina Half Cell modules
  • Free upgrade to the new Enphase IQ7A Micro-Inverters
  • Bonus Offer on all Enphase Systems - Extended 15-year warranty!
  • Online Monitoring free for the life of the system - both production and consumption monitoring included with a smart solar system from Enphase
  • Premium Clenergy Ezy Rack Mounting System - 10-year product warranty
  • Solaray’s famous hassle-free installation service – it’s why we have one of the highest customer feedback scores in the industry 
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Smart Solar From Solaray Energy

An Enphase microinverter system can further reduce your power bills thanks to the world’s most advanced microinverter technology.  

An IQ7A microinverter sits underneath each panel, allowing for panel-level output that can significantly increase the output of your system. Enphase micro inverter systems are smarter, safer, flexible, more reliable and durable.  

Solaray is the largest & most experienced installer of Enphase Micro Inverters in Australia.

Our competitive pricing is supported by the most experienced Enphase Technical Team in the industry to ensure you get the right advice, system design and technical support.

Don't Let The Little Things Get You Down

Enphase Microinverters  

Whether it’s a leaf, dirt, or a cloudy day, your system’s output is under attack every day.  

With micro Inverters, each panel in a solar system works independently from the other panels, ensuring maximum output of clean renewable energy for your household or business.  

This means more output from your system and more money in your pocket. It also means less downtime over the life of the system if something goes wrong with a panel.

String Inverters A standard solar system is connected in series, which means it can only perform to the level of the worst panel in the string. This means any little obstacle can have a big impact on your system. It also means that over time as the panels age, the system will age at the speed of the worst panel. Microinverters not only increase your production in the short term, they save you more money every year over the life of your system.

A Connected System Is A Smarter System

With MyEnlighten, you can see how your Enphase System is performing across the day. It’s the brains of an Enphase Home Energy Solution that really provides you value. By being able to easily track how much power your system is delivering, you can compare this to how much power you are using in the home. With a clear understanding of what is happening in your home, you can manage your power consumption and seriously reduce your power bills.

Stop Putting Up With Big Power Bills

With the numbers working so well on good quality systems, many Solaray Customers are choosing to install a larger solar to completely eliminate their bill.

Ask us how to do this when you request a callback from the Solaray Team.

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